About Tobacco Bastards:

The flavourings of Tobacco Bastards have been developed by Flavormonks BV in Belgium. Flavormonks is best known for the high quality, natural aromas used by various brands all over the world in their recipes.

The tobacco flavourings of Tobacco Bastards have been developed with the same care. We have more than eighty years of experience in the development of flavourings which enables us to offer exceptional flavourings of a unique quality. Tobacco Bastards is therefore not comparable with other tobacco flavourings on the market.

All our R&D, production an distribution is done in Belgium. We are fully compliant with all the strict legal requirements as they are set. We meet all standards. Our production is both ISO22000 and GMP+/FC certified.

We therefore guarantee high quality flavourings.

Tobacco Bastards Marketing:

Shops, distributors or wholesalers can count on us for all support. We provide the necessary marketing tools to make a partnership as successful as possible.

We provide the following tools:
- 10 ml. samples to make Tobacco Bastards known to your customers as soon as possible.
- A complete media kit, with logos, product photos, banners, etc.
- T-shirts, posters and stickers.
- Instagram familiarity in your country by influencers.
- We can provide the bottles with labels in your own national language. This will come across better to your customers and create more confidence in the brand.
- A very attractive price policy. Interesting for all parties working together with Tobacco Bastards.

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